Hayley Hendrix | Photographer | Wichita Falls, Tx

Adventurer, mother, wife, student... Hayley toured the US for 9 years from 2000 - 2009 as the merch girl/photographer for the experimental rock band DOWN-STARES. Hayley's photographs have been featured in magazines, newspapers, print ads, commercials, blogs, and numerous birthday, Christmas, Halloween cards. She loves the art of photography and it shows in her work.

"Hayley is one of the most inspiring, encouraging and fun people to be around on this planet! She is a joy to work with on any project. She has an act for bringing out my creativity. I feel lucky to call her a friend." -- Sabra Wood / Owner - Mode Hair Utopia

"We loved working with Hayley, from the way she approached the project, to the planning of it... She had some amazing ideas and at the same time was really open to our thoughts as well! Shooting was a blast! Her fun and laid back approach made it really easy to be in front of the camera! She's always willing to go the extra mile for everyone, both personally and professionally! Can't say enough how much we love her!" -- Aaron Mullin / Frontman - Twicebroken

"... You just don't meet people like Hayley everyday. She is a wonderful kind hearted person that would do anything for anybody. Her work is brilliant. Whether she is doing a free photo shoot, a $100 shoot or a Hollywood Movie Star, she will treat them all the same and equally as important to her. Hayley pours her heart and soul into her work and never gives less than 110%. I ADORE her. I love you Hayley girl! You are a true gem." -- Ashley Toler

"... She's an amazing photographer and is so fun to work with, she makes you feel comfortable and has such a positive attitude while in session, along with excitement!! I've also never seen any other photographer bring Jack (our son) out of his shell like she did! She will definitely be who I always refer to anybody asking for a good photographer." -- Lisa Prine

"Hayley is a one of a kind photographer. Completely professional yet not impersonal. If you're a band with a vision, she makes it happen. If you're someone who's not quite sure what they want, she has the creative vision to help you along the way. Hayley Hendrix is the photographer of choice for me and Louis Lewis." – Ryan Huff / Frontman - Louis Lewis

"...talented, focused (no pun intended), conscientious about her work, creative, intense.. (in a good way) and very people oriented. Hayley works so hard to deliver what people ask for and is always looking for ways to improve..." -- Carol Sauceda

"I've worked side by side with Hayley for almost 10 years straight. Hayley has ALWAYS delivered... Any time I've ever needed an amazing photo taken for, a band, a school, a brochure, a live event, a magazine ad, anything... she has delivered. She's charismatic, she's relaxing and energetic all at the same time... Positive, great to be around. AND she gets the job done with top notch 100% pro photographs." -- Simeon Hendrix / SimeonHendrix.com

"Never a dull moment.... she always makes you smile when she's around... she is fun loving and charismatic...and she always has your back!" -- Shari Reed

"Hayley is a beautiful & talented artist who has a eye for detail. She sees the beauty in random objects that someone else would never notice! She is not only a devoted wife & mother but is devoted to bringing joy to all who she encounters! She also captured one of my most prizes memories, my wedding, & I am thrilled with the results!!" -- Veronique Davis

"Humble, great, determined, talented, awesome, devoted and a real pro!" -- Snakes / Guitarist - Roselawn, After The Storm, DOWN-STARES

"Hayley is a strong, independent, loving woman! Her wisdom and compassion go beyond her years! She is talented and extremely creative! Someone I admire and also very proud of! She is a devoted mother and wife and still has time to better herself through furthering her education! Proud to know her! " -- Ronda Wellman

"Faithful, caring, Creative, compassionate, tenacious, visionary, loving." -- Anna Holly

"Hayley is very caring, thoughtful, protective... a great listener, funny, happy, crazy... a horrible whisperer with a big heart!! She is a dedicated photographer, very professional, perfectionist, creative, spunky. Great work ethics!! I love her with all my heart she is my best friend!" -- Heather McLain